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Street Address: Shop 2, Langebaan Waterfront, Bree Street
Postal Address: Shop 2, Langebaan Waterfront, Bree Street, Langebaan, Western Cape, South Africa
Website: C Kite
Phone: 0870200123
Listing ID: 1200795

A little information about our business and who we are...
Kitesurf lessons

Overlooking a dazzling lagoon on the Cape West Coast, 120 kilometres from Cape Town, South Africa, Langebaan is known for its calm waters, and ideal wind speeds. Welcome to kitesurfing / kiteboarding nirvana. Situated within throwing distance of Langebaan’s Main beach in South Africa, C-Kite is a kite surfing school and is a family operated business with a serious policy of having fun. Our world-class instructors are super-friendly and attentive, and eager to get young-spirited adventure seekers of all ages cruising on the water. As for intermediate and experienced kite surfers, if you have a kite surfing bucket list then Langebaan should definitely be on it.

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C Kite Kitesurf Lessons