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Street Address: 115 Blaawberg Road, Table View, Cape Town
Website: Professional Forex Training
Mobile: 27725432830
Listing ID: 120152
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A little information about our business and who we are...
Opening An Account Is FREE! Make money trading Gold, Oil, Silver and Currencies! We provide FREE PROFESSIONAL training

Forex stands for foreign exchange. You can trade currencies, gold, silver, oil etc on many different time frames! You can choose any time frame, between: one minute up to the weekly and monthly time frames Trading forex is fun and very exciting! To get started, visit website to open a personal trading account, with one of the best European brokers and you will get professional training and full support: Opening an account is easy and the minimum deposit is just $25 to start trading! You can also check out the learn videos and download e-books! You can make use of "take profits" and "stop losses" to close deals as soon as the market goes up/down to a certain price! You can also attach indicators to charts to see when the market is overbought/oversold.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me

Costs: Starting from USD25.00
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pipshifter   4.3 out of 5
One of my clients account grew from 150 to 500 in 2 weeks
Posted: 2012/03/10 11:22:51 PM