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Street Address: Lourensriver Street
Postal Address: Strand
Website: Health Joy 247
Phone: 0218531999
Mobile: 0766140506
Listing ID: 112984

A little information about our business and who we are...
Wellness & Vitality is about waking up every morning having the energy and mental health to enjoy every day of your life! We can help you!

The way we eat has changed, we are massively exposed to fast food, regular eating of junk food & re-prepared food because of lack of time to prepare and eat healthily. With the increased use of alcohol and tobacco we do not absorb what little nutrition we actually get in food! Our food today lacks nutrition and is either genetically altered or does not stay in the ground long enough to gain full nutritional value from the soil. The problem today is not just that we eat poorly but the so called good food doesn’t contain the nutrition it is supposed to contain. All nutrients and vitamins are interdependent which means they all rely on a balance in the body of all the essential vitamins and minerals. Simply taking one vitamin will not be enough. What the body today really needs is a balanced source of ALL the vitamins and minerals in the correct doses.

We have been weight-loss coaches for more than 3 years and simply LOVE helping people to get happy and healthy. Our coaching works the same way as Sport Coaches & Gym Instructors work. We work directly with our clients.

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