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A little information about our business and who we are... helps companies market and promote their products, services, events and ideas across all sectors of industry. We offer a wide selection

First understand that SEO is simply acronym for the term Search Engine Optimization. We at IamSEO understands that this would be a “BIG Decision” as the result that you are after is to have a better website and without having to spend to much of your time. You also do not want to compromise on your Brand Reputation. SEO Marketing could have two potential outcomes; First you get irresponsible SEO campaigns that will surely only do damage to your Brand Identity. Second a SEO Marketing Campaign that offers your brand an advantage over competitors. Our Quality Standards IamSEO maintain SEO Standards from the very start. Terms like “SEO Standards” very often get misunderstood in the SEO market as a certification test. This could not be further from the truth as in normal SEO work ethics and practices; it would be referred to as operational guidelines which should be followed. “Standards” as laid down by self-governing merchants and certification agencies. That is why we at IamSEO stick to the best practices in our work ethics and guide our clients through their SEO Marketing Campaign. We achieve this by providing quality SEO workmanship, timely delivered by our experienced professionals. A group of people that spend much of their time discovering new methods to improve on online mechanisms. Creative View The smart business owner views the costs associated with good SEO as a wise investment. Then you will understand why, it is important to think creatively about SEO and discover the bursting potential of inbound marketing. You invest in building connections all the while building links too, which to the untrained may not even make any sense. Relationships breed answerability whereas namelessness cannot. After drinking the SEO Kool-Aid, business owner recognize that their link building should be in the form of content that has real purpose and value to the end-reader. In summary, they convert into well ranking and presented professional online business with powerful content created by an experienced SEO marketer. IamSEO write for a real audience, caring about facts and statistics. The presentation of content is upgraded with relevant images and is never reused. Content is syndicated to higher-value websites now that it takes longer to procure, nether the less the end-result is long-lasting for end-users, and business owners invariably start to look for more creative ways to syndicate content with the hopes of something going viral. What We Do? Audit on your Content, site and structure; Keyword Research; ON and OFF page SEO; All types of desired content creation; Develop Online SEO Marketing Campaigns for you Online Business; Manage Online Campaigns; Technical advice on development; Multiple Manual Submission Plans; SEO training only on Request

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IamSEO When to SEO The sort answer would be; the sooner the better!!! Another good time would be when you decide to redesign, planning an event or launching a new product line. Your SEO Marketing needs your attention as long as you plan to do business online. With a redesign you will be assured that your site is SEO friendly from the ground up, but IamSEO could also help by simply improving on what you already have. I am sure that you have heard that Rome was not build in one day and that surly rings true with SEO Marketing. IamSEO follows strict Webmaster Guidelines and offer complimented SEO advice and marketing strategies for your online business. We project results and offer a clear time frame of all work to be completed. We also provide our client with complete information regarding recommendations that we make and will keep you the loop when ever we make any changes to your campaign. IamSEO also undertakes to only practice “white hat” SEO Marketing Services to all our clients. The reason for this is that we believe in long term results and for that reason we compliment search engine algorithms. This keeps both our clients and ourselves with positive adjustments to ranking. Our Mission & Vision Our Mission Statement is clear: By adding Value to our clients creates our own success. As an Internet SEO Marketing Agency we improve the visibility of our clients in Search Engines and on Social Media Platforms to ensure they get all the traffic they need to flourish online. When companies and individuals choose IamSEO they know they are hiring a time-tested, experienced internet SEO marketing company. Further than the agency, you will get a perfect team of professionals devoted to creating your SEO Marketing Campaign. INNOVATION Is important for the SEO Sector and innovative thinking creates quantifiable results for our clients. RELIABILITY Creates trust for building strong business relationship by ensuring that we meet all target deadlines. RESPONSIVENESS To our clients’ needs and wants while keeping to guidelines that helps them get the required result.