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Street Address: 1 Kelvin Ave
Postal Address: Highway Gardens
Website: MelloYello Marketing
Phone: 0837000404
Listing ID: 1200319

A little information about our business and who we are...
MELLO YELLO is versatile, flexible, creative and service is our fundamental objective.

MELLO YELLO, believes in success through consistency in an unparalleled approach to creativity and client service. Deadlines are achieved whatever the cost, irrespective of deliverables. We strive to operate at an optimum with our clients objectives being our objectives and this tradition is maintained throughout the execution of our services. MELLO YELLO subscribes to the overall ethos of Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa, to that extent its Board has appointed a Transformation Committee to oversee the implementation of empowerment within the group, to monitor its progress and to evaluate new opportunities. MELLO YELLO has managed large “BRAND” campaigns incorporating all facets, from market research to creative concept, final testing of “to-market” strategy down to final product & packaging designs with the eventual measured outcomes of market gain allows MELLO YELLO a success continuum that brands expect and rightfully deserve. This full service approach enables us to service our accounts needs whether above, below or thru the line.

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