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Street Address: 1 Harvey street
Website: Physiotherapy On Wheels
Phone: 0825713123
Listing ID: 1200135

A little information about our business and who we are...
Comprehensive, fully equipped Physiotherapy Private Practice, fully mobile, incorporated solo private practices for sale

Home Physiotherapy Services, currently located in the Garden Route, South Africa. Physiotherapy-On-Wheels focus on home visits - we are a fully equipped mobile physiotherapy practice. There are currently solo incorporated private practices for sale throughout South Africa.(price listed below) The general public are in need of home physiotherapy services, for comprehensive physio services at home or a specified location. We have busy lives and no time! We, as physios, need to meet this public need, conveniently and time-efficiently, providing the best possible services. The Physiotherapy-On-Wheels private practice are fully equipped with the newest and most portable equipment! Convenience going both ways! We have expertise in all orthopedic conditions, pre-or post-surgical, neck/back pain, stress, head aches, lung and sinus conditions, spinal patients, kids and stroke-patients. We accept comprehensive medical aides. Please visit our web site for more information or call us at 082 571 3123

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Physiotherapy On Wheels home visits for all your physio needs