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Street Address: Felstead Road
Website: SA Business Solutions
Phone: 086 570 2630
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A little information about our business and who we are...
SA Business Solutions provides fully managed telecommunications solutions for all types of business

SA Business Solutions is an established, dynamic IT infrastructure company offering a range of services. Switchboards, voice over ip, pabx and office automation. SA Business Solutions provides fully managed telecommunications solutions for all types of business. We excel in the areas of connectivity and hardware using a combination of traditional voice, voice over IP, wireless area network solutions, computer telephone integration and call centre's, with class leading voice recording solutions ensuring compliance and peace of mind. The product range is modular, can accommodate any requirement and expand to meet your ever changing needs. SA Business Solutions can therefore build you tailor made solutions and professional service with a personalised touch. As an authorised Samsung Communications Centre, we deliver world class installation and maintenance to an ever growing market, in a highly competitive industry. Our service ethos is: “Do it right, do it now.” We Offer the following services: Voice over IP Solutions PABX / PBX Solutions Wi-Fi Telephone Solutions Call Centre design Solutions Voice Messaging Solutions Telephone Management Software Solutions Project Management Solutions World class Installation and Maintenance Solutions Voice Recording Solutions Telkom Liaison Service Level Agreements Products Office Automation Systems Office Automation systems has come a long way in the past few years. The term office automation systems refers to the combination of tools available to make, store, change and send office information over a network. What started out primarily as word processing, data processing and e-mail has now moved on to more advanced office automation tasks, such as advanced copying, scanning and printing processes that integrate front office desk and back office automation systems and processes. Today's office automation systems can save time and money while decreasing paper waste and power usage. With SA Business Solutions Office Automation Solutions you can: Create efficient workflow processes that manage the entire lifecycle of a document Improve the speed at which document intensive processes are conducted Minimise document loss and information leakage Utilise electronic document formats more often in internal and customer transactions Organise information and documents with electronic document management systems and processes Improve operational efficiency and customer service levels Companies today are under financial pressure and need to drive down their print costs while efficiently managing and processing an ever-growing work load of electronic and paper related work. Software helps to unlocking the best possible return from the document output environment. It has an crucial role to play in controlling costs, increasing uptime and optimising production. Office Automation Systems is all about using the computer to: Make your work less tedious. Trim hours off your workload. Reduce repetitive keyboard strokes or mouse-clicks. Make data entry easier with fewer tabs or mouse movements. Take any job you do longhand and make the computer do it for you. Switchboards Types Of Switchboards There are two types of switchboards, Automatic Call Distribution switchboard & Interactive Voice Response switchboard. Virtual switchboard systems will also be looked at later, although they are not really switchboards. An Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is a telephone facility that handles calls coming in and distributes them based on the number called and an database of handling commands. Many businesses offering sales and service support use ACDs to validate callers, make outgoing responses or calls, forward calls to the right party, allow callers to record messages, gather usage statistics, balance the use of phone lines, and provide other services. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Switchboards are also computerized, but are designed for large businesses, typically those who make use of call centers. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) switchboard systems are a good choice for small businesses, where the situation involves a caller needing to speak to someone in another department, for example the technical or support manager. The front desk is usually the point where calls are transferred with the switchboard telephone. The caller can also use voice commands or select different options on the keypad. There are three types of IVR switchboard systems: Incoming switchboards give companies the option of redirecting calls, managing current callers on the line, recordings, securing business, and providing information. Outgoing switchboards give businesses the ability to give out invitations , reminders for booked appointments, reminders and updates regarding stock and shipments, and surveys to customers. Incoming and outgoing switchboards, which is a combination of the functions of inbound and outbound. Virtual switchboards gives companies the features of a switchboard without capital outlay, such as installation, lease or upkeep costs. This virtual Switchboard system works through virtual switchboard operators, whose job it is to place a callers on hold and alert you that you have a call for a certain department. The call can also be diverted in the case of the phone being disconnected. Buying Switchboards When purchasing a switchboard it is essential to look at your needs and not buy something you might not even use. SA BUSSINESS SOLUTIONS can help you to find switchboards systems that suit your needs with our quick online switchboard quote. Switchboards we currently install: We can quote on any system but might advise depending on the client's needs to match the best switchboard telephone or system. Switchboard - SAMSUNG 7 Button executive handset - 48 character display (2 x 24) - 7 programmable keys with tri-coloured LEDs - Fully hands free - 5 fixed function keys: Redial, Conference, Transfer, Hold, Speaker - Adjustable LCD panel - 3 context keys and scroll button - Built-in speakerphone - Choice of ring tones - Headset capability - Wall mountable - SAMSUNG 14 Button - 48 character display (2 x 24) - 14 programmable keys with tri-coloured LEDs - Fully hands free - 5 fixed function keys: Redial, Conference, Transfer, Hold, Speaker - Adjustable LCD panel - 3 context keys and scroll button - Built-in speakerphone - Choice of ring tones - Headset capability - Wall mountable VOIP telephone Systems Voice over IP Systems Don’t be overwhelmed by VoIP telephone Systems - get a no hassle VoIP Phone System today for less than you think. At SA Business Solutions we do more than switchboards, we offer full range of VOIP systems for small businesses and large companies makes getting the right VoIP Phone System for your home or office a walk in the park. Our huge selection and vendor neutral approach to VoIP Phone Systems makes sure that you get the right VoIP telephone System – regardless of your needs or budget. All of our VoIP telephone Systems carry are feature-rich and offer un-compromised functionality, flexibility, cost savings as well as advanced features that substantially improve productivity. They even work with most available VoIP Phones! And every VoIP Phone System VoIP Supply offers is fully warranted and supported by our team of in-house experts so you don’t have to worry about your VoIP Phone System. Contact Details Address Fancourt Office Park Loft Left A, Block 5 Cnr of Northumberland and Felstead Road Northriding Johannesburg Contact 011 462 3943 086 570 2630 VAT Number: 4010260083 Registration Number: 2009/122864/23

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