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A little information about our business and who we are...
People and organisational development partner providing life and management coaching, training expertise, and change management.

About Spiral Edge Passionate about people and organisational development, we offer a range of services that add value to individuals, organisations, teams, staff, and participants of client lead capacity building programmes. With experience in public, donor funded, academic and corporate environments, we understand the immense diversity of contexts in the African region, and therefore, the need to tailor every training, coaching or organisational development intervention to the specific needs of each client. Building on strengths: Our experience has shown us that no matter what the context, all organisations and individuals have strengths which, when maximised, enable those involved to reach incredible goals. We appreciate and build on strengths, supporting clients to diminish the impact of gaps or weaknesses. Empowerment: Our team of experts take a strong empowerment approach, mentoring organisations and individuals in the skills required to move forward independently. What we do: 1. Training & Development: • Strategy, policies and planning • Quality management systems and SETA Accreditation • Curriculum development and review • Training and quality assurance of trainers and mentors • Training monitoring: systems development, data analysis and use for improvement • Training evaluation: process and outcomes 2. Organisational development: Using Appreciative Inquiry (AI), we support organisations to take a positive, strengths based approach to organisational development, improvement and change management. Moving away from the traditional problem based approach, AI provides the opportunity to discover and extend business strengths and strategic advantages. • Strategy, systems and process improvement • Process and workshop facilitation • Leadership development • Change management 3. Management coaching: In addition to management coaching as an integral part of our Organisational Development work, we also provide coaching as a stand-alone activity. Our network of International Coaching Federation (ICF) members and credentialed coaches provide management coaching within an organisational context with the goal of promoting success at all levels of the organisation by affecting the actions of those being coached. Whether we are working with a new manager requiring support to bridge the gap between theory and meaningful application, or a seasoned manager grappling with a demanding, ever- changing context, the action orientated coaching will identify what works well, when and how, and build on these strengths to address challenging management areas. Using cutting edge Return On Investment (ROI) tools, we are able to provide tangible feedback on the impact of coaching. • Executive and management coaching • Creating coaching managers 4. Life coaching: We support individuals to move forward, achieve their goals and find balance and fulfilment. 5. Youth coaching and millennial mentoring: Youth coaching and millennial mentoring is an important part of Spiral Edge’s purpose. We believe that success is a result of a number of factors, and not least, opportunity and self-confidence to maximise opportunities. For many youth in the region, there are less opportunities and, from our experience of group and individual coaching and mentoring, low levels of confidence. We work with young people, often on a pro-bono basis for those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to improve self-belief, increase self-empowerment, and move themselves forward to seek out opportunities and grab them with both hands!

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